Growing right along!

The warmer weather has finally had it's impact on the goodies growing here at Avalon Farms

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Cover Crops

Planting cover crops is an important process in regenerative farming. This our garden #3, which we planted in a mixed cover crop last fall to overwinter.

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The easy way to pull up T-posts

Add a cable grip puller by Klein to a forklift attachment on the tractor and you have a super easy way to pull T-posts right up out of the ground,…

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Man the lifeboats!

Yikes! 1.5" of rain in 40 minutes. Don't think we need to water for a while... Hope those carrots can swim! I know they like a lot of water, but…

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Reuse it all!

We order parts and supplies for our BCS 2 wheel tractor from a great company called Earthtools. Whenever they ship something, instead of using air bubble or foam peanuts, they…

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