Go ahead, guess

Guess what we're making a fresh batch of? It'll be available this Saturday at Poplar Head, and Tuesday at Ozark!

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Round 2 – what the heck is that thing?

Ok - round 2 - a jar of Avalon Farms Rosemary Salt still up for grabs. What are those crazy folk at Avalon Farms doing now? What is this area…

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Weirdness in the garden

That farm girl gets some tractor time and she gets a little weird 🤣 (She's probably just excited Poplar Head farmers market starts in 2 weeks, and then Ozark farmers…

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What the heck is this?

I wonder what Avalon Farms is up to now? It's a big 20x20 covered area. What kinda plant wants that? Let's make it a contest! Free jar of our gourmet…

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