Avalon Farms

Fresh - Sustainable - Local

Avalon Farms brings fresh naturally grown produce and pastured poultry to the Wiregrass area of South Alabama.

Concerned about your food?
So are we!

That’s why we don’t use any GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides.

Taste is key

What's the point of growing food if you don't enjoy eating it?
We select for great flavor not shipping storage life.

Organic Methods

We don't use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides on our produce.

Hey, we eat this stuff too!


Our farm is located in Kinston, AL. We sell at farmers markets within 75 miles. When you buy from us, you're getting the freshest produce possible AND supporting your local economy.

The Market at Dothan is a year-round online farmers market, selling only organically/naturally grown local produce, meats and other goodies. Pickups are in Dothan and Enterprise/Ft Rucker/Daleville area on Fridays.

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The Market at Dothan also has a traditional farmers market every other Saturday in May and June, and during other special event times at Dothan Nurseries.  Check the Facebook page below for scheduled events.

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Poplar Head Farmers Market is the premiere traditional farmers market for the Dothan area.  It runs every Saturday in June and July in the Civic Center parking lot on N. St. Andrews Street at Main Street and is open from 8 a.m. to Noon.


While we don’t usually sell directly from the farm due to scheduling and biosecurity issues, we might be able to work something out. Check the Contact Us page and send us a text or email and we’ll see what can be arranged.

What's happening down on the farm with this virus threatening, gatherings canceled and physical set-up farmer's markets in limbo? We are all unclear on what the future holds. So the question arises, do I continue with “the Plan” for planting, scale back or ramp up? For today I am continuing “the Plan”. That means squash and cucumber seeds went in the ground this week. The 2nd round of potatoes (both fingerling and new potatoes) will be planted today. There are transplants in the greenhouse. Tomatoes and fish peppers are ready to get planted. Eggplants and more peppers in a couple of weeks along with several new to me Asian greens that are quick growing and sound delicious. Some Asian greens are already growing in the aquaponics beds, should be ready in a few weeks. Squash should start making in 45 days (give or take). Cukes take a couple weeks longer. Greens should come in sooner (I think). Other things currently growing in the ground but not ready for harvest are leeks, garlic, onions, radishes and sugar snap peas. Also part of “the Plan”, 100 fluffy baby chicks were delivered this week. 50 are meat birds. 50 are layers. The cycle continues. I'm doing what I can to hurry spring production and get some kinds of quick growing green things available as soon as possible. We still have plenty of fresh eggs and frozen whole chickens available, along with watermelon radishes (Cube and roast in the oven – yum!) You can order online at marketatdothan.com for delivery to Dothan, Daleville/Ft. Rucker and Enterprise. Other options may be available, call or text me. In the mean time, remember Who is ultimately in control. Take care of each other and be safe.

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