Our most popular jam! It’s is a rich blend of apricots and peppers – just the right amount of heat and sweet.

It goes great with grilled meat (our favorite is to use it as a dipping sauce with grilled pork chops), and it also works well with the classic “Pepper jelly over cream cheese”.

My husband (pepper head that he is) tweaked this recipe until he had the most amazing SASSY Apricot Jam. Have no fear, it isn’t “hot” but it is zesty. We don’t usually eat this like regular jam, but it adds a whole new dimension to a sausage biscuit!

This is the most awesome jam! It great as a dipping sauce for grilled pork or chicken, poured over cream cheese or added to BBQ sauce or stir-fry! Hubby loves it on vanilla ice cream. (I know, I know, but I love him)

This jam is made with dried apricots, ripe bell peppers and habaneros. (Did you know habaneros have a fruity flavor?) Note that cooking will increase heat level.

Sassy Apricot Jam