Our Miss Wendy got more plants out into the dirt today. These were tomatoes and peppers, plants that are in the garden much longer than others like squash and cucumbers. To aid in the never ending fight against weeds, we put out a new piece of ground cover. It’s a multistep process to get the plants in the dirt through the ground cover, so I’d thought we’d share the process

First, get the ground cover laying on the ground where you want it. Easier said than done, especially with the winds lately. Like fighting an octopus! We use rebar to “nail” down the corners, and sandbags along the edges.

Next, mark where you want the holes in the plastic. Tomatoes and peppers are 2 feet apart in the row. so using our super special custom designed marker tool, a shot of orange marks the spot.

Then you oh so carefully and precisely (not!) burn the holes using a propane torch.

Now that you have holes in the plastic, you need holes in the dirt. A drill and auger makes this short work, and is much easier on wrist joints than a small shovel when planting a bunch of plants.

Finally! Now you’re ready to put plants into dirt. The row on the right will be trellised like our sugar snap peas to support the cherry tomatoes, cukes and our “special new thing this year”. 🙂

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