Remember all those beautiful transplants snuggled under that brown blanket on the heat table – all nice and cozy from the cold weather? Here’s a pic in case you don’t:

A heat table works by having a heat mat, controlled by a termostat that reads the temperature of the plants via a small probe that goes into the dirt in the tray. Probe cold, heat turns on. Probe hot, heat turns off. 

One evening, in putting the covers back on the plants, the probe got knocked out of the tray and fell to the floor.  Neither one of us noticed it; we closed up the greenhouse and went on our way.

So there’s the probe, laying on the floor in the 34 degree cold greenhouse.  Remember the bit about “Probe cold, heat turns on”?

Yup.  The heat table turned on and ran all night, trying to warm up the probe.

We’re calling it the “St Patrick’s Day Massacre”, aka, “The Killing of the Green”.

The soil temp was well over 100 degrees. Everything was toast, with the possible exception of the tomatoes.  We’ve trimmed their leaves and will see if we can nurse them back to health, or if they are compost like everything else in there.

Sigh.  Onwards.

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